Thought Leadership

White Papers on Sales Support

Management reviews and study papers to educate and help you make decisions on sales lead and demand generation programs.

Management is always open to ideas to increase sales. If you are tasked with presenting ideas on how to generate more sale leads and optimize return on marketing investments, consider these white papers as a start to your internal discussions.

Your Sales Opportunity Pipeline Still Needs To Be Managed

Few organizations actually have the discipline to manage the sales pipeline even though they have a CRM or sales force management system. Do you know the value of lost opportunity or how many revenue dollars are lost from the pipeline because lead generation opportunities are not being followed up on in an effective & timely manner?See how you can recover sales productivity, measure customer acquisition, revive and nurture B2B leads and maximize each sales lead and opportunity. Be confident and comfortable accounting for all your demand generation investments and optimize your sales team’s efforts.

New Customer Acquisition Campaign Marketing Myopia

We're all in the business of acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones - success is largely the measure of how effective we are in these functions.Aspects of planning marketing investment (or lack thereof), budgeting for acquisition and retention programs, cost per lead and a relationship management are discussed. Generate opportunities for customer acquisition by integrating inbound and outbound lead generation programs and maximize your investment in electronic marketing.

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